Stunningly Staged Homes is a boutique business ready to support your home staging needs. Our goal is to make your property stand out and create excitement for you and your potential buyers.  Selling a home is complex and SSH has packages to fit all of your budgeted needs. Now staging in Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley, and Ventura County. 



  • Staged homes spend 73% less time on the market and receive offers up to 10% higher than unstaged or empty homes. 
  • On average the seller spent less than 1% on home staging and received 1,000% return on investment. 
  • 90% of visited listings are found on the internet, so good staging for photos will set your home apart before people even visit. 
  • Only 1/10 people can visualize property potential. This means 90% need a property cleaned and staged. 

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Stunningly Staged Homes will provide all the furniture and accessories to turn any empty space into a beautiful home. We want your clients to walk into the home and visualize how this home could be "the one". Our team will work with the style and design of each home to create the best look in as many rooms as desired.  Leave it to us to manage the delivery and placement of furniture, accessories, and artwork to best stage the home for your target buyer. When the property is sold we pack everything up and supervise the removal of furniture and accessories.   


Stunningly Staged Homes will utilize your furniture and our furnishings to complete the best look and flow throughout your home. We will evaluate what needs to be in the home and what needs to be removed to maximize space, de-clutter your lived in home and create a flow that is attractive to potential buyers. The goal is to create the perfect space by adding a few signature pieces and streamline your furnished home.  


Does your home need just a few minor touches? We can de-clutter and re- work your existing furniture and décor to make each room achieve its full potential. Our team will ensure that the space flows and that the rooms appear open and clutter free by removing and reorganizing unneeded furniture and décor.  Hourly rates apply.   



Call for a complimentary consultation. We will spend time discussing your goals and how Stunningly Staged Homes can help you sell your home quickly and secure the highest offer. A walk through of the home will be conducted, pictures taken and perform an assessment of the property. The assessment may include, curb appeal, furniture, accessories, room focal points & balance, lighting, traffic flow, smells, clutter, and condition and color of walls and floors. 

After the walk through, a staging proposal will be sent to you with various options and estimated cost. Together we review the proposal and determine next steps.


Many homeowners do not realize that US tax laws allow home staging costs to be written off federal taxes as part of the real estate advertising costs when the home or condo is sold. 

Home Staging is NOT decorating. Decorating is not tax deductible. Home staging is actually real estate marketing, and as such, is tax deductible for some property owners.